Comcast Hates Their Customers

8 Jul


This is what REALLY happens when a LOYAL customer of Comcast schedules to do a service transfer due to a move. That warm and fuzzy commercial they have for it is all a massive lie.

Monday June 29th: Logged into the Comcast site to schedule a service transfer due to a move. In addition to submitting the request for a service move, I also requested a package upgrade to the $199.99 a month package for the multiple cable boxes in the house. I scheduled for Saturday July 4th for a technician to come out between the hours of 10am-12pm. I was informed that if anything else was needed, I would receive a phone call or email.

Saturday July 4th– 10am, Im waiting for the technician. 12 noon comes, no technician. I call Comcast and I’m informed that although I DID schedule the appointment, there was still a fee I owed. Around $230. I thought it was odd that this was never told me to me during the week. Since this fee was still outstanding, no technician was even scheduled to our home. I never received a phone call or email. Comcast checked their records and see that not one phone call nor email was sent to me to inform me of the balance. Not my fault, Comcast’s fault. I paid the balance in full and scheduled for a technician to come out to our home to install. However, I had to wait until Wednesday July 8th for the next appointment time. I didn’t understand how once again I was getting punished even though none of this was my error. We scheduled for Wednesday July 8th from 8am-10am.

Wed July 8th– I received a phone call at exactly 8:10 am from the technician, indicating that he was on his way and he wanted to verify the order. We verified that the order was a move transfer and I needed two more DVR boxes for our bed room and guest bed room. We already had a DVR box that we brought from our old place. We needed all three installed, along with home phone and internet (of which we also brought from our old place). He verified everything and he confirmed he was headed to our house. I told him I was on my way to work, but my wife was home so she would let him in.

At 10:07am, my wife emails me:

List for me exactly what is supposed to be done.  Because the Comcast guy said it does not say anything about adding a cable line to the master bedroom and that it would cost money to do so


I reply:

-He is supposed to hook up the Cable box already there in the living room, along with the internet and the phone line


-We are supposed to have 2 more DVR boxes. 1 in the purple room and 1 in the bed room.


-I am aware of the extra charge, it will be billed to me.


-I told him there is not a cable line in the bed room and that he may have to drill.

Her response:

He is calling Comcast now to confirm what our order is exactly

My Response

There’s a piece of paper at the table in the kitchen, it should be where the food processor is. Get that piece of paper and give him the confirmation/reference number


Her Response

I just talked to the rep and she said that is not what is on the order.  the only thing they are doing is activating the internet phone and current dvr
he doesn’t even have additional dvr boxes with him

At this point, I’m furious. I called the technician that I spoke to earlier in the morning and he answered and I asked him what was going on! He tells me that when he was on his way to our house, that Comcast called him and told him that that particular job (to come to our house) has now been transferred to another technician (obviously a technician that was NOT equipped to handle our order). Why on earth would Comcast just pass on our order to someone who could not fulfill our order?! What sense does that make?! I called Comcast immediately to get some answers and what was told to me “We made an error in that and we are very sorry. We can reschedule your appointment”. Um, Damn a reschedule, WE NEED THIS CORRECTED! This is now THREE TIMES that Comcast has massively dropped the ball on us and yet WE ARE SUFFERING the consequences! So another appointment was scheduled and I demanded that it be TODAY! Comcast tells me that they can fit me in tomorrow but try to get it for today. I don’t understand why Comcast just cannot say “You know what, we messed up let’s make sure that we really take care of this customer because he doesn’t deserve this at all.” So Comcast gives me a “ticket number” and tell me that I will get a phone call later on to confirm my appointment.

This was the email from my wife when I came back to my desk

he said the entire work order is wrong and they are going to redo the work order and have to send someone out again, she is going to send an email out to the people and that you will need to call customer service in regards to the work order

Wow, Go Figure. More of Comcast pointing out their transgressions.

2:36pm– I have yet to receive a call. I call Customer Service and inquire about the status of my appointment. I was basically told “If something opens up today then we may be able to send a technician to your house today. Otherwise you have an appointment for THURSDAY JULY 8th between 1:30 and 3:30pm.” I mean, they are treating me like this is my first time calling. Comcast really does not give a DAMN about what they do to their customers. First they neglect to inform me of the balance owed. Then they did not send out a tech, then they cancelled the tech, who was supposed to service us, then the technician that did come out didn’t finish his job and now you’re telling me “Oh Well”.

This is how you treat your loyal customers who have been with you for much longer than I can remember? Comcast expects the world from us when it comes to THEM getting THEIR money, but REFUSE to accommodate customers when they need help. All this did was made me realize that we as customers are nothing to you at all. You just cower yourselves by tossing around “we apologize for the inconvenience” line. If I had a nickel for every time I was told this within the last 5 days, I could pay 6 months’ worth of your egregiously expensive bill. Comcast has done nothing but throw an endless line of apologies to me but not ONE definitive solution. You are a waste of my time and I champion the day when I can finally sever my ties with you permanently which will be VERY soon. months’ worth of your egregiously expensive bill. Comcast has done nothing but throw an endless line of apologies to me but not ONE definitive solution. You are a waste of my time and I champion the day when I can finally sever my ties with you permanently which will be VERY soon.


Words we never said. (Rest Well My Friend)

17 Mar

peaceful lake

Hello again. I have not visited my blog site since the passing of the late great Roger Ebert (Accordingly to my last few blog posts, I only come pay a visit in the midst of tragedy or anger, I need to change that). And now here I am, back proving my readers with yet another dark piece. TBH, I don’t have a definitive reason that explains my absence from this platform, its just one of those things that organically fall to the waist side when other endeavors come up. Not saying that Im not busy right now (lord knows that couldn’t be more the opposite), but after finding the much needed motivation after reading the entry of a friends blog (look up “writemarissawrite” by Marissa Pronti, and SUBSCRIBE), I feel its only more than appropriate now considering the feelings I have now.

I’ve not really spoken about this publicly, mainly out of respect for my family and the ones that it directly involves. Most people, now a days cant rush fast enough to their computers once they find out of the passing of a loved one, just so they can make the infamous “I’m sad to announce the passing of my_______” to everyone on their timeline. Not creating a blanket assumption to indicate that everyone that does this is shallow, but the trend seems quite formulaic, making it the perfect and easiest way to gain record number “likes” and “comments”. That’s not really my flow, at least this platform is a bit more intimate and meaningful, in my opinion.

Last week, I learned of the passing of my sister in laws husband. We always had a joke together, how did we categorize our connection. Was he my brother in law? nah. Was he my In-In Law? Nah. But while the official title still remains a mystery, one thing that he was for sure was “A Friend”. Silviano Gamez came into the family similar to how I did. A bit unexpected but also with some controversy. My controversy being the number of times I broke up with my now wife (Christine) before we made everything official-official. And him by pulling a “Martin from the Cosby Show”, coming into the family already being married to Mary Jane (Christine’s sister) without anyone knowing. Crazy right? Both of us must really love our girls. But just like me, he was tested and had to go thru the ringer a bit to earn his spot in the family. I feel for the most part he held his own well and seem to have been really loved by everyone. But there still seemed to have been a disconnect that just wouldn’t complete the entire picture. The thing is, its a disconnect that I even (to this day) still relate to, where at times I feel like I am a part, but at the same time…apart.

Due to knowing how he was feeling and vice-a-versa, it was something that we could connect to each other with. We could have solid conversations or even times when were just chillin in silence, but we both knew that each others company was all good and nothing was forced. The one unique connection that I held with him while we were trying to make sure that our place stayed cemented with the families approval (admist some of the issues that were thrown both of our ways. But that’s another conversation for another time).

Last Wednesday. Christine broke the news to me of his passing which was absolutely devastating. The sad thing, I’ve been down this road before when it came to losing someone that you truly cared for…via suicide. In 1995 (around this time too…wow), a dear friend of mine took her own life, as she was battling a fight with depression that I had no clue how deep it was it. I’ll go deeper into the story of Jeanine and I later, but I brought that up because those confused and “this cant be reality” feelings all seemed to resurrect last Wednesday night. I cant help but think what brought him to do this? Especially because he JUST celebrated the 3rd birthday of his beautiful daughter, Melanie. So I start thinking, “well, he is a military veteran, did his experience in the army and being in Iraq do this?” He works in a juvenile prison, “Did being around such troubled youth and so much despair cause this?” I mean, outside of work and the service, he has some really awesome siblings “who I’ve met on many different occasions”, a great wife, awesome daughter, and I’m sure some great friends. I cannot put my finger on this. What truly brought him to this conclusion?

That’s the thing though, we never will know what it is that someone is experiencing or feeling. We never know the emotions that one is dealing with at the time. We never know the internal pain that is swimming inside someone. Since we never really know whats going on in someones mind, we can always be a contributor to someones happiness. Lately, I’ve really been feeling and seeing just how much we don’t need the influx of negativity in our lives. We don’t need it from enemies and we especially don’t need it from people that we consider loved ones. So instead of using the energy to hold on to a grudge with someone, try letting it go piece by piece. “How to do that?” you ask? Take the problem apart bit by bit, but analyzing the situation from an alternative perspective. Look at whatever brought you to that point from the other persons end and see the issue from their lenses. Then revisit some of the words that were said, and truly dissect them to see if those words were said out of malice or just being in the heat of the moment. I bet you, for the most part those words were just reactionary words and that said person (looking back) would like to take them back. Because people DON’T aspire to be in conflict with others, but because pride gets in the way, we refuse to back down. I used to be that guy where I would hold my ground so strong that I would rather see a friendship die than me admit to my wrong doings. But who really benefits from that? Who really prevails in the end? There isn’t a Street Fighter sound byte from out of no where that tells the world “You Win”. So why hold on to these bitter grudges?

I saw all of this to say, the energy that I used for so long to uphold my pride, was energy that could’ve been used in any capacity, but instead I used it for my pride to satiate my ego just to ensure that I was “winning”? What the hell is that? If only I could’ve made a more adult decision and use the energy of my emotions to recognize where I may’ve been wrong and acknowledge it. While at the same time expressing my issues/concerns with said person to bring a much softer light of the situation, which would eventually lead us to resolve. Thats rationality. And instead of using my focus on concerning myself with the persons negative traits, applaud them for what positive areas that they exude. In doing this, may’ve a detour away from drama would’ve came about therefore never creating the conflict. What if i took that route? What if it was a route that could’ve saved a friendship? There is no telling what kind of an impact words will have on someone. And you never really know just how far loving words will go, and people can benefit from hearing them. Scratch that, people ALWAYS benefit from hearing something sweet from another person. Take a moment to give someone that untagged benefit, because you never know when someone truly needs it. I cant help but wonder what a difference a kind word would’ve done for my dear friend if that was in his head instead of negative fallout from the past.

RIP Silviano Gamez (1986-2015) Rest well brother.

Thank you for reading, pardon the rant.

Maurice D. Proffit

Roger Ebert. A Hero To Me. 1942-2013

5 Apr

Written By: Maurice D. Proffit

This afternoon I was at the gym on the elliptical watching PTI (Pardon The Interruption  on ESPN 2 (the replay). Taking in all of the daily information regarding the wind down of the NCAA tournament as we’re heading into the final four this weekend and also the beginning works of a new season of baseball. For anyone that is familiar with PTI, know the final run down of the show’s last segment when they top it off with the “Happy’s”. Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary and Happy Trails (usually indicating someone getting cut from a team). As they were doing the “Happy Birthday for today and Happy Anniversary , I noticed the 3rd slot (for the Happy Trails) was reserved for Roger Ebert. I thought to myself “Why happy trails for Rogert Ebert?” Then I remembered reading in this mornings Red Eye newspaper on the way to work how Roger was going to take some time away from his regular column in the Chicago Sun Times and come back doing film reviews of films that only HE wants to review. Ahhhh the bliss of creative freedom, such a factor that is widely taken for granted, but for those who understand, greatly appreciate it. So I was looking forward to Milk Wilbon and Tony Kornheisers take on his much deserved time off, however it hit me, “thats not big enough news to make it to PTI, especially since he’s not a sports figure”. Thats when reality struck down on me and nothing can prepare me for what came on the screen….

Roger Ebert


This honestly couldn’t be! I was JUST reading about him this morning. But after his diagnosis came about in 2002 of his Papillary Thyroid Cancer, I knew that it was only a matter of time and it was imperative to make the best of taking in all of the important quality of Mr. Roger Ebert. I remember being introduced to Siskel and Ebert as a kid. My late night Saturday night regime after coming in from outside playing all day, was to play Nintendo until 10:30pm, watch Siskel and Ebert and play Nintendo again until 1am when WWF Wrestling Challenge came on. This was every late Saturday night as a child for me. It was because of Siskel and Eberts ability to argue why they loved/hated a movie is what drew me in every week. I wanted to see them fight. :o)  I’ll never forget Roger Eberts take on the movie Batman Returns and it was that review where I learned we shared the same disdain for that movie! I loved this man. Even bleeding over into my HS days when me being home on a Sat night was never a thing, but I always made sure to pre record the VCR for the show, so I could watch it when I came home later that night.

Needless to say Roger Ebert has been a solid fixture in my life. I can say with confidence that he is the reason why I grew to love and adore films and the art of film making/story telling . Ebert opened that world to me with his articulate explanation of giving a quick and perfect synopsis of a film and weather or it was worth seeing via his famous “Thumbs Up. Thumbs Down”. I had a very fortune opportunity to attend a seminar hosted by both Roger and Chaz Ebert back in the late 90’s on a school trip for Junior Achievement. It was there I learned that I learned  how precious the imagination really is, and how each of us have endless stories to tell. No matter how big or how small the story is, one thing is consistent and that is every single story that we all live have a unique start and a unique end. Its those pages in between that we fill to make em connect. Ebert exemplified this through his undying passion, because even with cancer trying to take his life, he made it a point to never stop doing what he loved. He lasted 11 years with the cancer, it just goes to show that when you wake up doing what you love doing, its your passion that keeps you alive. And Ebert lived his dream everyday and that is forever admirable.

I will miss Roger Ebert so much. I will miss the days when my wife and I would sit together on Sunday mornings and eat breakfast while watching him and Richard Roper. I will miss the days when he went exclusively to print and Im drinking my coffee reading his blogs. I will miss the days when I was reading his book “You Movie Sucks” and I refused to put it down because his story telling was simply amazing  I will miss that sweet embedded smile that was fixated onto his face when the cancer was trying to defeat him. And his face said it all, “You may be taking my body, but you for damn sure will NEVER take my happiness.” With his wonderful wife Chaz by his side and films in front of him, Roger Ebert was the happiness man on this planet and couldn’t ask for more.

Thank you Roger Ebert for the memories and thank you for making me love films. I will miss you.

His final words on his final blog: “So on this day of reflection I say again, thank you for going on this journey with me. I’ll see you at the movies.”

My Pledge & Promise To End Inner City Violence. Written By: Maurice D. Proffit

21 Mar



My Promise for the Future; My Promise to the Youth

By: Maurice D. Proffit

Tonight a close friend of mine who is a teacher at Farragut High School was asking me about a “Now Is The Time”. Now Is The Time is a theater coalition that Powerhouse Productions (my theater company) is a member of that focuses on advocacy of fighting against youth violence in the city. She came out to our last “Teens at the Table” community panel discussion/public forum that was held at Little Village High School and was enthralled with the program and especially the student involvement of the program. Tonight, she told me some heartbreaking news about a student from Farragut who was killed over the weekend. Needless to say the vibe at Farragut has been very somber and definitely has been living by a different beat. However, some students were a bit indifferent because the teen was a gang banger and because the teen was throwing gang signs when he was shot in the head.

What strikes loudest to me is that this was still someone’s son. That was still someone’s grandson. That this was still someone’s nephew. That he was someone’s childhood friend. Despite his social proclivity, the fact remains that a life, a young life at that, was ripped away from us and our community. When did it become such a risk to just open your eyes in the morning? As a child and even a teenager, your only priority in life to is to get good grades and remain on your best behavior. Now teenagers have to be cautious because today may be their last day on this earth? When did this become the objective of life?

I think about my nephews who live in Englewood. Is it fair that my younger nephew has to be cautious when he is leaving home to go to piano practice? Is it fair when my older nephew has to be cautious when he leaves his house to go to football practice? Why is it not an option for them to just continue to be young and live? And let the grown folks handle all of the worries? But this is not the reality that we live with anymore!

I am fully committed to seeing this senseless behavior to stop! I am tired of knowing that criminals and thugs are the ones to determine the safety (or lack thereof) of families and especially children. I am tired and sick of these neighborhoods transforming into micronized war zones where just going outside to go to a family members house for dinner has be deemed as a risk. All because some sick twisted individual feels a need to “Keep it real” or “show that they aint no punk” to someone else.

Now is the time.

Now is OUR time as a community to rise. And not in an “eye for an eye” mentality, but in a way to show that life is worth living! That fear should not exist in our lives and our hearts! That our step forward for better communities, better treatment of neighborhood schools and embracing creative imagination is what is our objective ought to be! This is OUR time to show the vermin that want to rob our happiness from us, that they are no longer in control! This is OUR TIME to finally take a stance for what is right and to NEVER deny us our own pursuit of happiness for ourselves, our children, our families and our neighborhoods.

I pledge my commitment to no longer sit here and wait for lawmakers to make this change! I pledge my commitment to once again adapt the philosophy of “It takes a village to raise a child”. I pledge my commitment to dedicate my life to see to it that the menacing disease known as “hate” has completely curbed to a point of nonexistence. I don’t believe that this foresight is too big or too ambitious of a goal. I believe in the power and the voice of community too much to ever think otherwise.

My pledge starts now.

Film Review: “Excision” (Written By: Maurice D. Proffit)

13 Oct

Title: Excision

Director: Richard Bates Jr.

Year: 2012

Starring: AnnaLynne McCord, Traci Lords and Ariel Winter

If you plan on seeing this film with the anticipation of seeing AnnaLynne McCord’s more known character, Naomi Clark, that she plays on the CW’s “90210”, then this is, without a doubt a film that you want to stay as far away as possible from.

Relatively new director, Richard Bates Jr. made this full length feature that is an adaptation of his own film short sharing the same title and the same premise, that he released ion 2008, but this time obviously with bigger names and larger budget.

Pauline (Played by AnnaLynne McCord) is a troubled teen who is self aware of her own personality disorders, who is a walking cry for psychiatric help. Pauline is not only dealing with an internal struggle with her own dysfunctions, but she is at a constant battle with her very detached and disapproving mother, Phyllis (played by Traci Lords).

Externally Pauline lives the normal life of your average teenager who is a senior in high school, dealing with the many rungs of social struggles among her peers, in addition having a sense of rebellion against authority in all areas.

In the midst of her own personal and physical disorders, Pauline does take a heightened interest in the world of science. Pauline has future ambitions of being involved in the medical world, as it is assumed that her interest comes from her younger sister’s (played by Ariel Winter from Modern Family) condition as she is dealing with a very troubling and intense case of Cystic Fibrosis.

The films dips in and out between the every day realities that Pauline lives through to her own psycho-sexual fantasies connecting her obsession with human contact in a variety of sadistic variations. While dealing with these bizarre fantasies, she is trying to make sense of what is not connecting with her, and why is it that she cannot connect at all with her mother and is willing to go to extreme lengths to bring clarity to this, even if it means taking measures beyond anyone’s control.

Bate’s style in story telling was very sample like as he didn’t want to give you, the viewer, too much to bite at once, but yet a variety of nibbles to be able to appreciate the entire meal. This is an effective method as it leaves a lot of interpretation among the viewers. Very “Donnie Darko” like.

Excision is a dark, twisted, demented and borderline psychotic character driven film which tells a solid story of adolescent disorder. Gory at times, but not too egregious where its over the top or unbearable to watch. Its gives you the right amount of blood for what is being delivered to you. There were some areas of the film that leave you in the dark, but not enough to harm the content. I do recommend Excision, I think it was thought provoking and kept you at attention.

Out of 5 Buckets of Movie popcorn, I give it 3.75 Buckets of Movie Popcorn

Why It is ONLY RIGHT to Support The Chicago Teachers Union! (Written By: Maurice D. Proffit)

8 Sep

“The right to education is a universal entitlement to education, a right that is recognized as a human right! The right to education does not belong in the hands of the private sector!”

With 48 hours left in the countdown of contract negotiations between the Chicago Teachers Union and the Chicago Public Schools Board of Directors, I feel that it is only right for Proffits Piledriver to weigh in on this existing issue that is occurring. Reason being, to not only illustrate my loyal support for the Chicago Teachers Union, but to illuminate light on the areas that I feel that the public is in the dark about when it comes to what is happening, and thus many people in the public are lead to having no choice but to be ignorant to the facts.
Let me start off by stating the my wife is a High School Reading Teacher for Kelly High School on the Southwest side of Chicago. Next year will be her 10th year of teaching for Kelly and being an employee of CPS. I’m proud of my wife, because she pursued and accomplished her dreams of being an educator. From the moment I met her, per passion for education has always been in the forefront of her life, as she feels that her sole purpose for existing is to help enrich the lives of children and shape them to be tomorrows leaders. But with that preparation comes amenities and means to make sure that these kids are adequately equipped. So this way when they DO graduate from high school, they are more than prepare for that next phase in their lives, and her goal every year is to make sure to encourage that, that next phase indeed is a college education. This is the woman I met, this is the woman I married, this is the woman of whom exists today.

However, the common denominator that I keep hearing amongst people who are critical of the teachers is “they’re only going on strike because they want more money. I mean, they already make doctor salaries, they’re just being greedy”. Oh Yes! This is a REAL argument that I read one day when reading a Facebook discussion thread about the imminent strike. Really?!?! Doctor salaries?! And you really think that this fight to the bone is solely about money?! In the above paragraph when did I ever mention money? Where was it mentioned that my wife stated “I want to be a teacher so I can make a tank load of cash?” Sorry, NEVER was mentioned! I’ve never met a teacher that states that they got into education to get those “doctor” paychecks. I plead to you, to unlearn this.

What is happening, is that the Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emmanuel and Chicago Public School CEO Jean Claude Brizard are on this destructive warpath to completely gut the Chicago Public School system, in the interest of privatizing education and taking away the quality that should be in the classroom.
Theirinterest lies in seeing that corporations have sole say in the Chicago Education System, by ridding all public schools and replacing them with Charter Schools in CPS. Education is a multi-billion dollar industry and it costs you nothing to start a charter school because it’s totally financed by public tax dollars, which are handed over to cronies who can pocket a ton of money as “profit” and basically do whatever they damn well please. This is the biggest threat to education in our country that you could imagine, and way to make a lot of people rich on tax dollars while dumbing down America. Police, firemen and nurses are next! This is why, this strike is so important to ALL of us.

In the past Rahm has expressed his disdain and his opposing stance against the UAW (United Auto Workers) and has done nothing but transfer that anger and aggression towards the CTU. What Rahm wants to see happen is to turn over the public schools to the wealthiest 1% of Chicago billionaires and cutting middle class jobs by annihilating the teachers union. No where in his plan, does he have the best interest of the middle class, as the only sub section of people who comes out of this are the upper class elite, who could care less about classroom quality.

Still opposed against the Chicago Teachers Union? Here is what they are Fighting for…

(This is an excerpt that my wife posted a couple of days ago on Facebook that she received from her colleague, so the credit here goes to her colleague)

a) Full staffing on Day 1. Right now neighborhood schools wait until the 5th week, out of a 40 week school year, to receive full staffing.
b) Textbook availability on Day 1.

c) Access to a computer with an internet connection for every employee. (All of our records, grades, attendance, discipline, IEPs, lesson plans, curriculum mapping, etc. are done online.)

d) A single computer for each classroom.

e) A place for social workers and psychologists to speak with struggling students in private.
f) Lockable filing cabinets in which to store student records that are by law confidential.
g) Enough textbooks for every child in every class.
h) Enough desks or chairs for every child in every class.
i) Reasonable class sizes.
j) A recall policy giving veteran, experienced, effective teachers – as evaluated by CPS – access to job openings when they are laid off through no fault of their own due to school closings, school turnarounds, or other poorly constructed CPS policies.
Believe this or not, these have been the demands of teachers for quite some time now, but the board REFUSES TO COOPERATE! Parents, everything that is listed above, is in benefit of your child’s education! Its the teachers who are fighting so hard, so passionate for it, to see to that your son or daughter is well equipped at school with the right resources. How can it be justified, that a board (of greed) can sit there and basically say “your children are not worth this. We do NOT value the resources that your children need for proper education. We will FIGHT AGAINST YOUR CHILDREN to see to it that the teachers that are fighting FOR them, will NEVER receive the resources that YOUR CHILD needs for a proper education.” Parents…is THIS what you want? Are you OK with THIS? Are you willing to stand alongside with the board to stand AGAINST the teachers? Who are fighting for your children’s rights to a proper eduction?
The public is being fueled with venomous propaganda, in the interest to turn the parents (whose children are the ones being victimized) against the teachers whom are fighting for their children. All summer long, when I turn on the radio, I tune into a local hip hop station, 107.5 WGCI. And all summer, I would hear this one particular commercial that was always played of these two women (two African-American women) having a conversation about the (at the time) pending teachers strike. This commercial was 100% inaccurate as both women came to the conclusion that the Chicago Public School teachers are willing to walk out of the classroom and strike because they want more money. And that the CPS board is trying their absolute hardest to negotiate with them, but the teachers are uncooperative and basically, don’t care about the students. Absolutely disgusting and propaganda at its finest. However, what amazes me (and maybe it shouldn’t) is that, I was having this discussion with a very close friend of mine, who happens to be Latina. And she told me that the SAME commercial is being played on 107.9 LA LEY. LE LEY is a very popular Spanish speaking radio station in Chicago. It’s the same commercial, but with two Latina women speaking to each other, but in Spanish! So I did an experiment, to tap into my curiosity of this and I spent a LONG afternoon listening to 101.9 The mix, 103.5 Kiss FM and WLS Radio. The first two stations are stations that focus more on top 40 pop music and the last is all news. Now, the majority of the audience that listen to 107.5 is African-American. The majority of the audience that listens to 107.9 is Latino American. And the majority of the audience that listens to the last three stations that I listed are majority Caucasian. Between 101.9, 103.5 and WLS, not ONE TIME did I hear a propaganda commercial played for the listeners! So, why is it that the CPS board has the absolute temerity to create this media poison, but ONLY distribute it to the African-American and Latino listeners? Do they feel that Blacks and Latinos have no capabilities to formulate their own opinion via critical research, so its easy just to spoon feed them nonsense? because they’ll believe it anyway?! This just show s how LITTLE Rahm and Brizard perceives both groups, because to them, they are easy to manipulate. So, I ask the parents who are standing with the board…this is whom you are standing with?
48 hours from now will be the time action to be heard. 48 hours from now, tens of thousands of teachers and supporters will come together and stand together to fight for ONLY what is right and that is Fair Contract Agreements for the CTU. Rahm Emmnauel came into this Mayor position, with an immediate chip on his shoulder. He has shown right away that he is NOT a mayor for the people of Chicago, but he is a front line juggernaut to take care of the maniacal corporate representation that he wants nothing more than to be in the back pockets of. Not for the good of community, but good for the protection and gained advantage of the 1%.
Today I urge you to JOIN ME...
JOIN ME in the undying support and will to move forward in standing alongside the Chicago Teachers Union!
JOIN ME as we put an END to the negative propaganda that is being spread through the media to influence those who have no clue to the details of what the CPS board is trying their hardest to deprive students of.
JOIN ME as a collective unit, that THE PEOPLE WILL BE HEARD!
JOIN ME as we, AS A PEOPLE AND COMMUNITY, REFUSE to allow Corporate Greed enter into our classrooms and rob our children of the right resources and quality educators, so that they may not progress in their lives.
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JOIN ME in telling Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, and CEO Jean Claude Brizard That WE REFUSE to to side with them and that WE are devoting our undying devotion and undying support and undying solidarity in eternal support for what is RIGHT!
And what is right is THE CHICAGO TEACHERS UNION!
Fighting today for a Unified Tomorrow!

Indie Film Review: “Split Decision” Directed By: Antonie Allen (Review By: Maurice D. Proffit)

2 Sep


Film Title: Split Decision

Film Director: Antoine Allen

Film Review Written By: Maurice D. Proffit

Split Decision is an indie short written and directed by Antoine Allen of Longevity Entertainment Inc. This is a well told story of a glimpse in the life of a young woman by the name of Lola Rosario (Played by Pricilla Rosario), who is an aspiring boxer of Puerto Rican decent living in the urban areas of New York. With Lola taking on such a risky venture into her professional career, she is met with some personal battles that she is facing both inside and outside of the ring, domestically and socially. What sets Lola apart is not only her love for the great sport of boxing but in addition her love for her very attractive girlfriend (played by Ruby Mangubat) as well. Yes, Lola is a lesbian boxer and with that combination, she is not connected with the traditional elements of what it is to be “lady like”. The only factor that may connect to this is her relationship that she is having with Jason, her boyfriend (played by Ariel Pacheco).

The film does a really good job in illustrating the automatic conflictions that she is juggling with, not only with her partners, but with her father as well. Mr. Rosario (Played by Allen R. Rodriguez) is your traditional 9 hour a day, blue collared kind of worker who cannot grasp the concept of his daughter wanting to pursue such masculine outlets. Being that he comes from a very “old school” mentality, naturally he struggles to connect with his daughter and her lifestyle. This brings on some resentment that she has towards her father, due to the negligence of his understanding.

With the exception of her cooperative and supportive mother (Played by Margarita Lugue), the one constant rock that is in her life, is her boxing coach, Leo (played by Roberto Munoz). Leo seems to be the strong male figure that is fulfilling the void that is in her life as he not only instructs her in the ring, but also with important life lessons as well, bringing things into full circle.

What I really appreciated about the film was showing the connection between her external and internal conflicts. It really is apparent that Lola has difficulty with connecting with those intimate to her. Mr. Rosario seems to be the catalyst of this thus transitioning this energy over to her relationships with both of her partners. I feel that Allen made a very intelligent move in using boxing as the metaphor to the daily struggles that await Lola in every corner. In addition, when you think about it, Boxing is a strong indicator of making sure that your opponent does not get too close to you, thus the battle that Lola deals with when it comes to people getting close to her.

I enjoyed this indie gem. Allen does a fine job in keeping you interested and attentive to what is happening and both know how to build anticipation to seeing the story unfold. I thought that the acting coming from Leo was very impressive and came across very well on screen as both boxing coach and life instructor. My only criticism is that I feel that there were a some important elements left unattended to, but the overall payoff was a good way to cap off this sports drama.

Split Decision has been submitted for various different film festivals all over the country and especially in major cities, so please keep an eye out at your local film festivals since it’s a good chance that It will be playing. ATTN CHICAGO, this film has been submitted to the Chicago Underground Film Fest (CUFF). Keep a look out for the film release through CUFF by visiting their website at:

For more information and the trailer for Split Decision and Director Antoine Allen, please check out their website:

***Out of 4 Stars, I give it a strong 3. Very well worth the watch!***